Elected & Appointed Officials

The Mayor is elected at large every four years. Council members are elected by ward every four years. The Chief Administrative Officer and the seven department heads are appointed by the Mayor and serve at the pleasure of the Mayor. All other employees are under a Civil Service system.

City of Meridian Organizational Structure


City Council

George M Thomas
Ward 1
Tyrone Johnson
Ward 2
Fannie Johnson
Ward 3
Kimberly Houston
Ward 4
Weston Lindemann
Ward 5
Jo Ann Clark
Clerk of Council



Percy Bland


City Court Judge

Robbie Jones


Amanda Rainey
Thomas Bittick
Pamela Bittick
Joseph A. Dennison
Jonathan S. Parrish

Administrative Staff

Chief Administrative Officer

Richie McAlister

City Attorney

Bill Hammack

Boards and Commissions


Public Works Director

Hugh Smith

Fire Chief

Anthony Clayton

Police Chief

Benny Dubose

Community Development Director

Bunky Partridge

Chief Financial Officer

David C. Whitaker

Parks & Recreation Director

Kelvin McGruder