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Welcome from the Mayor

Welcome to Meridian City Hall's home on the Internet. We are honored to serve as your civil servants in municipal government. By bringing together the remarkable strengths, talents, creativity, and diversity of our community, we know Meridian can reach its full potential as a leading city of the 21st century. In our ongoing efforts to communicate effectively, this website will provide you with information about the City and allow you to become involved with our City's many programs and initiatives. Think of this website as a digital City Hall.

City Hall isn't simply an office building for municipal employees. It is the "People's Place," open to everyone. It is a place that should serve our community, just as our civil servants serve our citizens. We want to share City Hall with Meridian's youth, community leaders, military families, and citizens of all ages, professions, and origins. City Hall is a place of the "citizen's voice." Whether it is a City Council meeting, a Mayor's Youth Council meeting, a pastor's luncheon, or any number of other forums, City Hall is where citizens and government join together, work together, and build together.

We have worked hard to give government back to the people. This website is one more step in that direction. It will allow for easier, better communication between government and citizens. As we all know, communication is vital to any partnership. And that is what we are—your partners.

Thank you again for the honor to serve you.