Public Works

Public Works

311 27th Avenue


Fax 601.485.1864

Hugh Smith

Public Works Director


From water to streets to stop signs, the Public Works Department maintains the infrastructure of the city and has a strong impact on the quality of life offered to residents. Jobs performed by the department include:

  • Maintaining streets, including paving and patching, installation of curbs and gutters, installing signs, and striping streets.
  • Providing fresh water, and maintaining and replacing water meters, water and sewer lines, and fire hydrants.
  • Monitoring garbage, trash, and recyclables pickup under contract with a private firm.
  • Operating two freshwater treatment plants.
  • Operating two wastewater treatment plants.
  • Cutting down and trimming trees and cutting grass on city right of way.
  • Cleaning out ditches and culverts, sweeping streets, constructing sidewalks, and spraying for mosquitoes.
  • Maintaining all of the city's vehicles and equipment.