Highland Park

Directions: 19th Street and 41st Avenue; access from Highland Park Drive, 42nd Avenue, 19th Street, 39th Avenue and 16th Street
Acreage: 46 acres

This historic park was built in 1908 and features the Jimmie Rodgers Museum, the Dentzel Antique Carousel, a swimming pool, a duck pond, Frank Cochran Center, Kendallwood Craft Center, two tennis courts, two baseball and softball fields, four picnic pavilions, two basketball courts, a state-of-the-art playground, restrooms, and the Parks and Recreation administration offices.

Shelter/Pavilion Rental Fees:

To reserve, call the Parks and Recreation Department.

Shelter #1 — located behind Frank Cochran Center, next to the playground
Capacity: 100 people; Rental fee: $25

Shelter #2 — located behind the tennis courts and is next to Kendallwood Craft Center
Capacity: 25 to 30 people; Rental fee: $25

Shelter #3 — located across from Jimmie Rodgers Memorial, in front of Frank Cochran Center and adjacent to the playground
Capacity: 50 to 75 people; Rental fee: $25

Shelter #4 — located across from the Meridian Community College Softball Field
Capacity: 150 to 200 people; Rental fee: $30

Trailer parking spaces (during park-related functions only) cost $10 per day.

Northeast Park

Acreage: Approximately 85 acres

Three lighted soccer fields, along with four lighted softball fields; a multipurpose two-story building used for concessions, meetings, storage, and restrooms; a 500-car parking area; an asphalt walking and running track; a small building also used for concessions and restroom; and one large picnic pavilion.

Ten lighted tennis courts; clubhouse with showers; on-duty tennis pro. The tennis center offers after-school programs, adult leagues, clinics for youths and adults, daily play, and sanctioned tournaments. The facility offers opportunity for USTA play.

For information on any of the programs, daily court fees, yearly membership, tournaments, or the facility simply call the phone number above.

Planet Playground, a 10,000-square-foot playground built totally by volunteers, is also located at Northeast Park. Admission is free, and it is fun for the whole family. The playground is 1¾ miles north of North Hills Street, just off Highway 39 North.

Shelter/Pavilion Rental Fees:

To reserve, call the Parks and Recreation Department.

Planet Playground Pavilion
Capacity: 75
Rental fee: $30/3 hours, or $60/6 hours, or $70/day

Velma Young Park

2400 16th Avenue


Directions: 16th Avenue and 26th Street
Acreage: 15 acres

The park includes a playground, two outdoor basketball courts, a swimming pool, a wading pool, a bathhouse, a multipurpose community center, two picnic shelters, and a multipurpose practice field.

Shelter/Pavilion Rental Fees:

To reserve, call the Parks and Recreation Department.

Shelter #1 — located next to Velma Young Park Swimming Pool
Rental fee: $25

Ben Arthur Davis Park

Directions: Access from 14th Avenue, 12th Avenue, and 13th Street
Acreage: 4 acres

Park includes one basketball court.

Facility Rental Fees:

Rental fee: $50

Bonita Lakes Park

Bonita Reservoir Road


Acreage: 3,300 acres

City-owned park situated on three lakes, including Long Creek Reservoir, and Lakeview Golf Course. Beautiful, relatively primitive park featuring nature trails, a jogging and walking track, horseback riding, picnic facilities, boat ramps, and fishing. Entry is free.

Shelter/Pavilion Rental Fees:

Rental fee: $40

Rental fee: $25 (with electricity, additional $25)

James E. Chaney Park

40th Avenue

Directions: Paulding Street and 40th Avenue

Park includes a playground, two covered picnic tables, and one small baseball/softball field.

Dumont Plaza


Directions: Downtown at Fifth Street and 22nd Avenue

Features a gazebo. Primarily used for special events and rental.

Facility Rental Fees:

To reserve, call the Parks and Recreation Department.

Rental fee: $50